Raft Wars – The Battle Has Begun

Raft-Wars-2-Who-Built-a-Waterpark-on-my-Treasure1Raft Wars is a very interesting flash game developed by Miniclip.com. There are a lot of different versions of the game available but all of them have the same plot – A small kid who was playing in the sand, found solid gold and diamonds – he became rich and a lot of newspapers wrote an articles about this case. But unfortunately, bad pirates and vikings are near, and now they want to steal the gold and diamonds. You and your friend have to fight for your money and destroy the bad guys.

Keep in mind, that the second version of the game is also available here. CLICK HERE TO PLAY RAFT WARS 2

In Raft Wars game, all actions take place on the water. Your enemies are sitting on the boats and trying to destroy you. You have to make a good shot to kill them and move to next fight. This is physics-based online game, and this means that your moves should be wise and careful. To make a shot, just use your mouse - set the angle as well as the power of your shot and fire. If all enemies are killed - you move to next round and will face even more evil enemies.

In Raft Wars, you are able to buy special upgrades. For example you can buy a new powerful boat, or you can get even more powerful weapon to fight against enemies. Those upgrades can be bought as soon as you get the needed points. Points are given to you at the end of the round, according to number of shots, your accuracy and other factors.  Hope you will enjoy the game as well as we do, and share it with your friends.